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"People ask me why I'm so out about it. But it changed mylife. This is who I am, what I am."
How You Can Help

The AIDS trust of Australia does not seek or receive government funding.

We rely exclusively on funds raised by:

  • Directly approaching individual donors
  • Directly approaching corporations
  • Using data base lists to appeal to many people simultaneously
  • Establishing partnerships with businesses
  • Establishing partnerships with community groups
  • Establishing partnerships with corporate workplace groups
  • Developing sponsorships
  • Receiving bequests
  • Receiving annuities
  • On line fundraising
  • Holding landmark event the Sydney Food & Wine Fair
With our Members, we work to maximise the funds raised for their crucial HIV sector projects in Australia.

HIV remains a significant and growing global challenge. Australia’s success has been due to the energetic and skilled response of many, many dedicated and caring people all over the country; and the generous support of many people just like you.

To continue this success and meet the challenges ahead, your participation will be most sincerely appreciated.

Donate Now

For information contact the ATA on (02) 9285 4400 or email us.
Donations 1800 689 188 | Administration 1800 689 188

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