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Fundraising for the AIDS Trust of Australia
Welcome to the fundraising area of our website. We are most grateful that you’re considering raising funds for the AIDS Trust of Australia.

People are endlessly inventive, creative and enthusiastic.

Combine a good idea with a good cause and you’ve got a great fundraising activity.

We’ve gathered some Fundraising Ideas (Fundraising Ideas.pdf 11kb) that have been used successfully and entertainingly by others. If you like an idea, adapt it to your circumstances.

But the best ideas are usually your own. If it’s original and suits you and your audience, it’s bound to be memorable, successful and fun.

This page explains the two ways in which you can join the AIDS Trust of Australia as a fundraiser.

Online Fundraising.
Through our online fundraising partner Everyday Hero, the AIDS Trust of Australia offers an online fundraising facility that makes creating and supporting fundraising activities enjoyable and simple.

You can complete and customise your own fundraising webpage in minutes, then simply approach your family, friends and colleagues for support by emailing around the unique link to your webpage.

Donations and messages appear on your page from each of your supporters, so you can track your progress and stay in touch.

If you’re a person who has everything, donations can be made on your behalf in lieu of birthday presents, special occasions or days of particular significance.

If you’re adventurous or sporty, then it’s easy to create an online fundraising page to reflect your latest challenge.

Or perhaps leisurely pursuits are more your style. Make a fundraising page on our site before you turn the next few pages of your current novel.

Because you are using our online facility, the requirements of all government legislation regarding charitable fundraising are met. Your supporters will even receive an online tax-deductible receipt in respect of their donation.

Simply select from the options below to get started.

Offline Fundraising.
You do not have to use the online fundraising system for your fundraising activities. Fundraising events can be conducted offline, outside our partnership with Everyday Hero.

However, government legislation requires people raising money on behalf of a charity to hold permission from that charity, and meet various accounting, reporting and operational requirements.

Therefore any individual, group or entity intending to fundraise in the name of the AIDS Trust of Australia, must be registered with and sanctioned by us.

Please download, read, complete and return our Fundraising Proposal and Agreement Form (Fundraising_Agreement.pdf 76kb). Contact us on 02 9285 4400 if you require assistance with this form.

Your support is most sincerely welcomed; your efforts most warmly appreciated. We look forward to your proposal.

For information contact the ATA on (02) 9285 4400 or email us.
Donations 1800 689 188 | Administration 1800 689 188

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