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"I feel very lucky. Lucky to have had good care, lucky to have my friends, lucky to be alive."

FAQs about the AIDS Trust of Australia
What is the AIDS Trust of Australia?
The AIDS Trust of Australia is the national charity for the HIV/AIDS sector.

How long has the AIDS Trust of Australia been raising funds?
We were established in 1987 by the then Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, The RT Hon. Sir Ninian Stephen KG, AK, GCMG, GCVO, KBE, QC.

What does the AIDS Trust of Australia do?
We raise funds nationally and distribute them to state, regional and local organisations that deliver awareness, prevention, support, care, advocacy and social research programs relating to HIV/AIDS.

Why does the AIDS Trust of Australia do this?
HIV is a complex and demanding medical condition. Preventing HIV transmission and supporting people living with HIV has always involved a mix of social, cultural, religious, political, legal, geographic and economic challenges.

Australia’s response has been characterised by great skill, great resolve and great generousity. Committed and enduring relationships between governments, civil society, the private sector and affected communities have delivered ever-improving care and support for those living with HIV. Effective awareness, education, prevention and research programs have resulted in a country of remarkably low HIV prevalence.

Yet HIV is still here; there are 21 new diagnoses for HIV every week. Around 25,000 people now live with diagnosed HIV. It is estimated that a further 20% – 30% of this number live undiagnosed. Sector modelling out to 2020 suggests that without increased investment, the prevalence of HIV in Australia will be concerning and in some cases alarming.

Each new generation has its own vernacular and view of the world. Messages relating to HIV/AIDS must be refreshed. The work of the HIV/AIDS sector continues, namely, to deliver projects that actually stop people getting HIV whilst assisting those living with it.

Since 1987, the AIDS Trust of Australia has distributed over $7.5m to more than 215 projects, some large, some small, relating directly to HIV. The work of the sector is diverse, reflecting the needs of individual communities throughout the country. As well as augmenting existing projects that deliver care and support to those living with HIV, these days we work on national projects that address emerging concerns in HIV transmission and are prevention focused.

At the moment we are most concerned with:

  • augmenting existing care and support programs
  • supporting awareness and prevention campaigns that reduce HIV transmission in Australia
  • supporting awareness and advocacy projects that deal with HIV related stigma and discrimination

Recently, the AIDS Trust has partnered with community led organisations central to Australia's HIV response to make the vision of the virtual elimination of HIV transmission a reality.

We have built the partnerships and funded projects that we are convinced will contribute to making our dream a reality – particularly in areas that are under resourced. Some of these projects include:

  • The "ENUF" campaign in Victoria, to resist HIV stigma and promote resilience for people living with HIV

  • Bringing Rapid HIV testing to Canberra for the first time, so that during HIV Testing Month, people at risk of HIV can get tested, and get their results in just 30 minutes
  • A targeted prevention campaign in South Australia for men at risk of HIV from migrant backgrounds, run as a partnership and collaboration between South Australian organisation's and the Victorian AIDS Council
  • An outdoor advertising campaign in Hobart, Launceston, Burnie and Devonport promoting HIV testing in at risk populations
  • A community led sexual health and mental health clinic in Brisbane targeted at populations most at risk of HIV
  • Establishing a "Positive Speakers Bureau" in Darwin, to train, mentor and support people living with HIV as professional speakers and motivators of change within the community

This work simply wouldn't happen without individual, community and corporate philanthropic support.  It is the work not funded by government, the gaps in the Australian response to the HIV epidemic that we know need to be filled.

How does the AIDS Trust of Australia raise funds?
We raise funds through:

What don’t you fund?
Pharmacological and medical research relating to HIV/AIDS is funded by drug companies, governments and medical research institutes. We do not participate in either field.

We do not fund projects outside the HIV sector.

Do you fund projects in other countries?

Does the AIDS Trust of Australia receive government funding?

Does the AIDS Trust of Australia operate its own HIV/AIDS related projects?
Delivering projects is a specialised and community specific task.
NAFL Members and certain other organisations excel in this.
They deliver projects; we raise funds for them to do it.

Can my project get funded?
Contact us if your project is HIV/AIDS related. We’ll give you more information.
The Distributions Committee of the AIDS Trust of Australia revues all applications for funding.

We remind you that we are unable to fund projects not directly related to HIV.

What’s NAFL?
National AIDS Fundraising Limited, NAFL is the sole Trustee of the AIDS Trust of Australia.

What does NAFL do?
As sole Trustee, NAFL manages on behalf of its Members, the activities and operations of the AIDS Trust of Australia.

Who are the Members of NAFL?
Our Members are on the front line, delivering the services for which Australia's HIV sector is so internationally respected. Here are links to our Members' websites. Please explore, see what they're up to, and see how important your contribution really is.

VAC Victorian AIDS Council
QAC Queensland AIDS Council
WAAC Western Australian AIDS Council
AACACT AIDS Action Council of the Australian Capital Territory
NTAHC Northern Territory AIDS and Hepatitis Council
TasCAHRD Tasmanian Council on AIDS, Hepatitis and Related Diseases
AFAO Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations

Do the Directors of NAFL get paid?
All of the Directors serve on the Board in a voluntary capacity.

Do you have volunteers?
Absolutely. Our Board and Committee Members are volunteers .There would be no AIDS Trust of Australia without their generosity.

Is the AIDS Trust of Australia a registered charity?
Yes, most certainly. The AIDS Trust is a Public Benevolent Institution with Deductible Gift Recipient status. Where required, in each jurisdiction in Australia, the AIDS Trust of Australia is registered to raise funds for charitable purposes.

The AIDS Trust of Australia is the only HIV sector charity able to raise funds nationally.


For information contact the ATA on (02) 9285 4400 or email us.
Donations 1800 689 188 | Administration 1800 689 188

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